10 Women that men prefer for sex

10 Women men prefer for sex (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images)
Men love to fantasize about their lady love and they just adore a woman who plays out their dream fantasies in the intimate confines of the bedroom.

Fantasising is an essential part of love-making and couples who have a fulfilled sex life will agree that they cater to their innermost desires. Psychotherapist Dr. Arvinder Singh explains, "Fantasising doesn't mean that men want the girl in real. It's like a one night stand with their lady love where they just want to explore numerous possibilities, moving away from the ordinary. Fantasy helps a man attain the unattainable and he gets the feeling that he can be with a new woman every time."

So here are the 10 women men fantasize about:
1. English teacher:
It is the most commonly found pinup poster in a man's room. Women dressed as teachers holding a stick and ready to spank a petulant boy is the favourite dream act for a man. Be it the adolescent Rishi Kapoor in Mera Naam Joker or the Summer of '69, men have always fantasised about their gorgeous high school English teachers. "In your teens, if a man gets to meet a hot and experienced woman it's a major testosterone boost. Moreover English teachers are the ones who are best dressed, and most of the times in saucy Western outfits," says art designer, 25-year-old Kamlesh.

"It's in their adolescence that a man experiences attraction towards an elder woman. In between the age group of 12-16 years they face a psychological connection towards their teachers. It's like the first taste of the secrets tucked away in the adult world," opines Dr. Samir Parekh, a psychologist. Dr. Singh adds, "This kind of behaviour is very colonial in nature. People in India always think that a person who can speak English properly is superior to them. So if this quality is present in a woman she will obviously become desirable to her beau."

2. Nurses:
The Virgin mobile ad which shows a group of men keen to get themselves touched by a ravishing nurse stands testimony of this undying fantasy in men. From the day they are born, men are nursed by their mothers, so the whole concept of being taken care of remains a favourite pleasure in their mind space. "Guys never grow up and they want their partner to treat them like a child and fulfill all their needs. They want to be taken care of, loved and cuddled. Even though women look great in a nurse's costumes, I think it's all about love at the end of the day and the feeling of passionate security that is symbolic with this fantasy," says senior communication executive, 25-year-old Dev.

"Nurses stand as a metaphor of affection, care and support which completes the human desire of overall well being. You see life in a more content and beautiful manner," opines Dr. Jintendra Nagpal, a psychologist. Dr. Singh adds "Men have an animal extinct which treat womens as a sexual object. If they are scantily dressed it's a turn on for obvious reasons. On the other hand, if she is fully clad then the fascination is about what lies underneath. In this case it's the later. The mystery of the unknown is the biggest sexual thrill that a man is turned on by."

3. Playmates:
Naked women with sculpted curves, perfect facial features and bootylicious celebs like Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra are every guy's perfect fantasy. Playboy's playmates are every man's secret fantasy. "Attraction to a Playmate is obvious for every guy. While reaching puberty, young men are desirous to experience things which they are still too young to atually face. The only tools that are available to them in India are magazines like Playboy or Debonair. The fascination starts from there and continues till the time they are matured adults. The visual stimulation factor of these chiselled bodies coupled with the erotic content in these adult magazines is the secret passage connecting boyhood with manliness." says Amar, a 23-year-old film editor.

"A person's sexual thought process is very individualistic in nature and can't be generalised. However, over exposure of these women on the net, television and print leads to the male mind being increasingly pre-occupied with these stimulating thoughts and pictures. The attraction begins from there. Also Playmates always pose in interesting costumes like a saucy rabbit suit, which makes them all the more attractive as sexual objects," explains Dr. Nagpal.

4. Boss's wife:
The best way to lash out at an irrate male boss is by bedding his gorgeous wife. What's better than hurting your boss' ego by bagging the one thing that's going good in his life - his wife. "My boss has been getting on my nerves for a long time. Late night work shifts, weekend meetings, shouting and harassing in front of my colleagues is taking a toll on me. So to get back at him I won't mind being with his wife if she is hot and heavy in bed. It's a great feeling of supremacy and will be a major boost for my chauvinistic pride," shares Dev.
"It's all about the unattainable. The boss's wife is way out of limits for most men who consequently get attracted towards them," says Nagpal.

5. First time lucky:
A large majority of men fantasize about a sack session with an untouched virgin. Such women are imagined as being vulnerable and slightly apprehensive because it's their first time and this hands to men a sense of being in control. Since a virgin is imagined as being nubile and unfamiliar with sexual tactics, it's a sign for a man to enjoy the upper hand. "I am a virgin myself and am interested in a virgin partner only because I think it will be a very special moment for both of us. If my partner has had prior experience, the fear of comparison would be an issue and it may just affect my performance in bed. Men hate being inferior sexually and being compared in bed is a big blow to their virile prowess," says Anuj, a 22-year-old software engineer.

"The whole concept of having a virgin as a partner is an overrated issue which was scripted centuries ago to add to the male centric world. The whole attraction part for men here is to have a sense of conquering a woman and reinforcing their manhood," opines Dr. Parekh.

6. Women on top
It's a highly generalised notion that men like to be powerful in bed. Most men experience a stimulating high if they are in a sexual session with a dominating woman who is controlling their moves in bed. "A woman who dominates me in bed, who isn't shy is a huge turn on for a man. A woman handcuffing me or wearing leather boots and lingerie and using a whip on various parts of my body gives a huge high. It's like being kinky and wild," says Vishal, a 24-year-old copywriter.

"For some men it's the vulnerability, while for others it's aggression that makes a woman different. It's all about an individual's choice and psyche; may be someone is not doing well in life and winning from a woman who is aggressive makes them feel good about themselves," feels Dr. Nagpal.

7. Celebrities:
Be it Hollywood biggies Scarlet Johansson, Angelina Jolie or Bollywood beauties like Bipasha Basu or Priyanka Chopra, men are egged on by sucessful and good looking power celebs. Men feel that celebs have the right balance between masculinity and feminity. "Angelina Jolie can seduce anyone with her eyes, her curves and with those pouty lips. The first time I ever saw her I was struck by her sex appeal. Her combinations of brains and wild sex appeal makes her a hot ticket," claims Nikhil, a 24-year-old art editor.

Men don't like celebrities as a person; they basically fall in love with the characters they play onscreen. "Their flawless complexion, perfect body, awesome height and flowing hair - makes for a A-list package minus even a single imperfection. The time I saw actress Priyanka Chopra in just a white man's shirt in Aitraz, I went bonkers," says Ankush, 23.

"The media and fashion industry have totally changed the way people view women. The important thing now is not the heart, but the outer beauty of a woman. The perfect figure, attitude, and clothes - these are the priorities for men now and celebrities fulfill this criteria," explains Dr. Parekh.

8. Blondes:
As we have seen in Hollywood, blonde beauties are usually percieved as bimbettes who want just a hot romp, minus any immediate commitments. Thus, blondes always get a preference over brunettes and darker haired women. "What men want with a dumb girl is pure sex, no strings attached. The plus point is they are too dumb to realise what's happening around them and they don't have the brains to question the man why he just had a one night stand and then left?" says Shubham, a 20-year-old student of business administration.

"It's mostly because of erotic literature that men are attracted towards blondes. Coincidentally, they always show foreign women as blondes. It's also due to sexual repression. These fantasies won't mature if parents discuss sex openly with their teenagers," says Dr. Parekh.

9. Dancers:
You know they can stretch and are flexible and this is what attracts men towards them. They have toned bodies that other women would die for. Even women are attracted towards them, so you can't blame poor men only. "In a dancer what turns me on is not the body of the dancer, but her hip and lower belly movements. The movements are what makes her sexually irrestible. Just seeing her gyrating and grinding makes me imagine her wild moves in bed," says Vipin, a 23-year-old journalist.

"Sometimes the movements that dancers like belly dancers and pole dancers make while dancing are a turn on for men.The visual chemistry acts as a precursor to the sexual impetus," elucidates Dr. Parekh.

10. Airhostess:
They are bound to provide you with everything you need. It's like they are programmed to obey and men love that feeling. The priority here is that they are polite; they talk to you in a manner that you don't even talk to yourself. "This is because we fight to make our wives, girlfriends hear us out and here we get a special treatment at the mere push of a button. It's like being a master and be served unconditionally," says Dev.

"If a woman straight forwardly asks a man for help, he generally doesn't help her, this is because he feels like she is acting like an equal to him. If a woman flirts, bats her eyelids and says, 'please can you help me?' a man will jump into action because here he is proven the stronger sex. Airhostesses are extremely polite and synthetically lovely, this is what makes a man fancy them in bed," explains Dr. Singh.



Like "pictures" of Osama bin Laden's dead body, photoshoppers have been busy making fake images of a dead Muammar Gaddafi. The most prevalent one is this one, supposedly showing him in a pool of blood:


But this picture is an obvious fake to anyone who has paid careful attention to the news in the last few months. Look at "Gaddafi's" left shoulder. Anyone who remembers pictures that came out after bin Laden died of dead men in his compound remember the "water gun" photo, which appeared to show a water gun behind a dead, bloody man lying on the floor.

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